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Chem: Matter & Classification

Chem: Atomic Theory

Chem: Periodic Table

Chem: Formulas & Compounds

Chem: Reactions

Chem: Acids & Bases

Chem: Thermochemistry

Chem: Quantum Mechanics

Chem: Bonding

Chem: Molecular Shapes

Chem: Gases

Chem: States of Matters & Intermolecular Forces

Chem: Solubility

Chem: Solubility Equilibria

Chem: Kinetics

Chem: Reaction Mechanisms

Chem: Electrochemistry

Chem: Nuclear Energy

Orgo: Separation and Purification

Orgo: Amino Acids

Orgo: Carbohydrates

Orgo: Aldehydes and Ketones

Orgo: Alcohols

Orgo: Carboxylic Acids

Orgo: Acid Derivatives – Anhydrides, amides, esters 

Orgo: Phenols

Phys: Kinematics

 Phys: Newton’s Laws of Motion

 Phys: Torque & Equilibrium

 Phys: Rotational Motion & Angular Momentum

 Phys: Forces

 Phys: Gravitational & Circular Motion

 Phys: Work, Power, & Energy

 Phys: Linear Momentum

 Phys: EMR

 Phys: Introduction to Electric Circuits

 Phys: Fluid Statics & Dynamics

 Phys: Thermodynamics with Kinetic Theory

Phys: Fluids

 Phys: Magnetism

Phys: Mirrors & Lenses

Bio: The Study of Life

Bio: The Chemical Foundation of Life

Bio: Structure and Function of Plasma Membranes

Bio: Metabolism- Enzymes

Bio: Cell Respiration & Photosynthesis 

Bio: Cell Reproduction, Mitosis

Bio: Meiosis

Bio: Mendelian Genetics

Bio: DNA Structure and Function 

Bio: DNA Technology

Bio: Microbial Life

Bio: Organ Systems

Biochem: Biological Macromolecules

Psych: Sensory Perception

Psych: Theories of Personality 

Psych: Psychological Disorders

Psych: Associative Learning

Psych: Theories of Attitude

Psych: Self Identity

Soc: Normative and Nonnormative Behavior 

Soc: Social Interactions

Soc: Discrimination

Live Recordings: Uworld Review

Live Recordings: AAMC Review

Live Recordings: MCAT Powerbook Review