The Ultimate Pre-Dental Advising Program

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This course will help you every step of the way as a Pre-Dental student. We have you covered 24/7 with anything you need throughout the process.

Course Instructor

Welcome To The Ultimate Pre-Dental Program 

Module 1: Mindset To Crush Pre-Dental

Module 2: The Pre-Dental Path

Module 3: Getting The Right Experiences 

Module 4: The Non-Traditional Student

Module 5: Post-Bacc / Master Degree Programs

Module 6: What To Do During Your Gap Year

Module 7: The DAT Basics and How To Prepare

Module 8: Writing The Optimal Personal Statement For Dental School

Module 9: How To Reach Out to Letter Writers

Module 10: How To Optimize Your AADSAS Application

Module 11: What Schools You Should Apply To

Module 12: Crushing The Dental School Interview

Module 13: Post Interview Tips

Module 14: Accepted, Now What?

Module 15: Go Into Dental School Confident

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