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D4 at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine



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Hear From Our Valued Students

"Personally a huge fan of Dimitrios’ teaching style. He goes over things super concisely and in a way that is retainable. I appreciate the fact that he teaches the theories behind mechanisms instead of simply trying to get us to memorize things"

"Great explanations and always willing to help! I love the practice questions after each class and how the group is small so I am able to ask all of my questions."

"I feel like I am now actually understanding the material. Asking questions in the group chat is always helpful and I even study with some other people in the class!"

Thanks to the help that I received from The Pre-Dental Consultants, I will be attending my top choice dental school. The Pre-Dental Consultants have so much more to offer that I wish I started taking advantage of before I started applying to dental schools. The videos are so thorough and extremely helpful, and the team is so kind and really wants to see you succeed.




I was very happy to receive multiple interviews and acceptances to dental school this cycle and I will be attending BU School of Dental Medicine this Fall. Dan, who Heads The Pre-Dental Consultants, makes it very clear that the main goal we should be striving for is becoming the best dentist we can be - getting into dental school is just one step on the journey.




Thank you to Dan and The Pre-Dental Consultants Team for all help and all of your amazing advice. When I was waitlisted to my dream school, I joined The Pre-Dental Consultants and we had all hands on-deck with the group chat, the weekly videos and all the active members and other consultants. They catered to my unique situation and how I can perpetuate my application further even while being on the waitlist. With all of their help and persistence, I was admitted off the waitlist!! My advice is to join The Pre-Dental Consultants Team as soon as you hear about it.




With all of Dan's help I was able to get into dental schools such as Stony Brook, Columbia, Touro, Boston University, USC, and others. I am very thankful for all his help....Without him I wouldn't have been able to get into these schools and have the opportunities I have today.





What exactly do you help students with?

Here's a list of what we do:

  • Help learning how to properly study so you can start earning A’s in your classes

  • Help finding shadowing and clinical experience

  • Help getting research experience

  • Help re-shaping your mindset so that you have less stress and fears as a pre-dent

  • Help learning how to best prepare for the DAT using our 12-week DAT program with DAT Bootcamp

  • Help with the Dental School Application on ADEA AADSAS

  • Help writing the personal statement

  • Help writing supplemental essays

  • Help preparing for the dental school interview through mock interviews

  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls

  • 1 Bonus Individualized session with Dan or another pre-dental coach who will help plan out your pre-dental timeline and set an action plan

  • Unlimited 1:1 mentorship sessions and office hours via zoom

Is this just another DAT course ?

No! The Ultimate Advising Program is an all inclusive system designed to take you from any step of the pre-dental process. Many students sign up just as they are beginning to prepare for the DAT, as the price of the DAT modules alone could be valued at more than the price you will get the entire program for! However, our mission is not just to see you succeed on the DAT and then send you on your way. With Ultimate Advising you are a part of the community for life and get access to additional modules to help you through the application process, including writing your personal statement, activity writing, essays, interviewing, and more!

What is your success rate?

While our students get accepted at a much higher rate than the national average, we do not make any guarantees. Any program that does I would be skeptical about as there are a vast amount of variables that go into the dental schools admissions process.

The more students you have as a program the harder it is to get 100% of results for numerous reasons. Unfortunately, even with all the tools in the world and highly individualized 1-1 mentoring, some individuals still won’t put the work in.

With that said, any student who completes all the assignments see’s significant results. I encourage you to check out our numerous testimonials as proof.

When is the best time to join

When you join the ultimate advising program you are a student for life! You get lifetime access to the modules and group coaching sessions throughout the entire process. Therefore, if you are just starting out as a pre-dental you’ll get extreme value out of enrolling early as you can get access for all 4 years!

Where can I enroll?

The goal of this program is to foster a positive environment for pre-dental students who are motivated, looking to learn, and willing to help other students as well! As such, we like to keep our standards high for enrolling as an Ultimate Advising Student. Therefore, you can only enroll after being extended an invitation after an enrollment call with myself or a member of my team. This by no means is an interview where you need to impress us or worry about your scores. We just want to make sure you are willing to be a team player and contribute to the program as that’ll be more helpful for both you and your fellow students!



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