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Get Into Dental School Using A Proven System For Predicatable Admission




Whether you entered college with previous credits, decided on dentistry later than usual, or got caught up with life, we most likely have a student that has been through/going through what you are! Our program is catered towards the individual – so do not doubt your abilities.

"Dan helped me feel confident and relaxed going into my first interviewing and was always available to give great tips throughout the rest of the process....I received 7 acceptances."


Stan F

D1 @ Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine

"Dan at The Pre-Health Consultants was instrumental in my own acceptance into dental school because he provided me with comprehensive advice throughout my ENTIRE undergraduate experience as well as DAT and interview journey."


Marc G

D3 @ Touro School of Dental Medicine

"Once I joined The Pre-Dental Consultants, I really felt like I had a better grip on what my path to dental school was going to be like. They really helped me with every step in my journey."


Morgan B

Incoming Rutgers Masters Student

(with the help of our services)

"The Pre-Dental Consultants have made me become more organized. I love how there is a 12 week DAT program and they help me know what to study each day. I love being able to be in virtual office hours and in a pre-dental community to get help with any topic I need."


Allison W

Current TPDC Student

"All of the coaches at The Pre-Dental Consultants genuinely care about the students success and that is the #1 reason I joined this program - they treat me as if I am their only student."


Morgan S

Current TPDC Student

"Prior to The Pre-Dental Consultants, I was very overwhelmed and stressed about the dental school application. Ever since I joined, I have been getting the right experiences and knowledge to be prepared for the cycle. It feels good knowing that I have coaches and mentors helping me in this program that I could turn to for any questions that I may have."


Manvir S

UC Davis Post-Bac Student


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